Noel's 'Tales From The Middle Of Nowhere' (12/05/09)

What a mad day! I just woke up at 11:45. A.M.! That in itself is mental. I haven't slept that long since 1998 - Paris, I think it was.It's FUCKIN' PISSING DOWN WITH RAIN and it's pitch black - maybe not black, but very, very grey.Curitiba was great. The gig was anyway. Dunno what we're trying to prove by playing places like that, and here in Porto Alegre for that matter. Why not just do 2 big, fuck off gigs in Rio and Sao Paolo?? If everyone in Argentina is willing to travel to Buenos Aires to be part of one of the greatest nights of all time (I'm not kidding, you should've been there!) Then I don't see what the difference is in Brazil. It's the kids who lose out, if you ask me. Someone throwing up a make-shift stage in some car park can never compare with the noise and colour of a stadium. Still, the gigs themselves are great. Could be better though. Anyway, 'nuff of that.What's happening with you?As I said, am currently in Porto Alegre. Waiting to soundcheck. In the rain.Looking forward to going home tomorrow.

In a bit.


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